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Beihang 70th Anniversary Series: Beihang Holds the 60th Sports Meeting for Faculties and Students
Release time:November 7, 2022 / Liang Xiaochun

On October 29, the 60th Sports Meetingwas held on both campuses as one of the activities to celebrate the 70th anniversary of Beihang University. Sponsored by the Department of Sports, the Department of Student Affairs, the Department of Graduate Student Affairs and the Labor Union, and organized by the School of Materials Science and Engineering, the School of Computer Science and Engineering, Zhizhen College and the School of Astronautics, this year's sports meeting, as the largest one in recent years, covered all the schools and colleges. With a total of 42 teams and 4,473 athletes taking part in the games, the number of participants reached a record high.

Beihang Vice President and Chairman of the Labor Union Liu Shuchun, Vice President Lyu Weifeng, heads of the Office of Party and Government Affairs, the Department of Student Affairs, the Department of Graduate Student Affairs, the Security Department, the Department of Academic Affairs, the Logistics Department, the Office of Retirement Services, the Office of Shahe Campus Management Committee, the Labor Union, the Youth League Committee and the heads of each schools and colleges attended the opening ceremony.

Students stood in the shape of “BUAA” and “70” on Xueyuan Road Campus during the performance of the sports show

A giant flag unfurled during the school song

“70” and “Beijing No.1” displayed after the sports show at Shahe Campus

At 9:00 a.m., the opening ceremony started simultaneously on both campuses. One of the highlights was the wonderful sports show. On Xueyuan Road Campus, the words “BUAA” and “70” appeared on the lawn as the team changed, while Shahe Campus showed the words “70” and “Beijing No. 1”. Afterwards, a giant university flag, 27 meters long and 18 meters wide, slowly spread out on the lawn. Students and faculties celebrated the 70th birthday of Beihang together.

Performances and shows

On the occasion of Beihang's 70th birthday, energetic students and faculties presented a birthday greeting to their alma mater in the form of a large group exercise. The Tai Chi performed by about 1,600 students and faculties from both campuses was heroic; the fitness exercise “Youth” was vigorous; the martial arts team from Shahe Campus was powerful; the Tai Chi Fan performed by retired faculties and staffs was elegant and graceful, showing the “warm, wonderful, fun and uplifting” spirit of the Games.

Accompanied by the impassioned music, the entrance ceremony was led by the national flag and university flag, and the first flag phalanx, referee phalanx, 42 participating school and college phalanx, 4 sports clubs phalanx and the tail flag phalanx walked across the rostrum in turn to be inspected. The teams, dressed in costumes with school and college characteristics, showed the positive, hardworking and progressive spirit of Beihang students through their creative performances and slogans. The Hip-Hop Dancing Club, Roller Skating Association and Model Aviation Association made their debut at the opening ceremony, presented their performances with youthful vigor and showed the power and beauty of sports.

After the entrance ceremony, the representatives of referees and athletes swore that they would resolutely carry forward the sports spirit of fairness and justice, unity and cooperation, and courageous struggle, so as to lay the foundation for the success of the Games.

Liu Shuchun and Lyu Weifeng delivered opening speeches at Xueyuan Road Campus and Shahe Campus respectively, encouraging faculties and students to work together and strive hard on the field, taking this as an opportunity to strengthen physical exercise and contribute more to the new journey of building a modern socialist country with a healthier body, a more vigorous posture and more energy.

Liu Shuchun, Vice President and Chairman of the Labor Union, fired the gun

Vice President Lyu Weifeng fired the gun

This year's sports meeting featured 22 track and field competition programmes and 12 fun programmes. The traditional track and field programmes were passionate, and the interesting and novel fun programmes allowed every athlete to enjoy the sports and feel the power of teamwork, which created a rich sports atmosphere.

At 15:00 on the afternoon of October 30, in the stadiums of the Xueyuan Road and Shahe campuses, each participating college completed a 7×400-meter relay race in the order of two boys, three girls and two boys, with each team member completing 400 meters, as a tribute to the 70th anniversary of Beihang University with unity and hard work.

After two days of fierce competition, the top eight teams of the undergraduate group, the postgraduate group and the staff group were respectively awarded at the Xueyuan Road Campus; the top six teams of the undergraduate group, the postgraduate group and the staff group respectively received awards at the Shahe Campus.

In addition, six special prizes were also awarded at the event, including the first prize for the 70th anniversary run, the first prize for the fun programme, the first prize for the entrance ceremony, etc.

Since its foundation, Beihang has attached great importance to physical education and has achieved many competitive honors. In the future, Beihang will continue to promote the cultivation of high-quality talent in the new era, adhere to the concept of health-first education, and hold fast to the two major segments of public sports teaching and mass sports. It will also play the main traction role of various representative teams at all levels, help students establish a basic awareness of lifelong sports, have the basic ability of lifelong sports, and enjoy fun, strengthen physical fitness, consolidate personality and refine will in physical exercise.

Reported by Li Mengyuan

Photographed by Zhang Xiuhui, Xu Shiyi, Li Bingchen, et al.

Reviewed by Su Rui

Edited by Jia Aiping

Translated by Liang Xiaochun

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