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Four Beihang Professors Honored with 2022 China Youth Science and Technology Award
Release time:November 18, 2022 / Song Ziyun

On November 12, the ceremony of the 17th China Youth Science and Technology Award was held in tandem with the World Youth Scientist Summit (WYSS) in Wenzhou, Zhejiang, with a total of 100 outstanding young science and technology workers who have made great achievements in basic research, engineering science and technology, science popularization and commercialization of results winning the award. Four professors from Beihang University, namely, Wang Zhipeng, Xiao Zhenyu, Zhang Jicong, and Hu Dianyin were honored with the award, ranked the second in the number of winners in colleges and universities. Among them, Professor Wang Zhipeng was granted the special award of China Youth Science and Technology Award.

Established in 1987, the China Youth Science and Technology Award is presented every two years to no more than 100 winners. The award was proposed by Qian Xuesen and other predecessors, and jointly established and organized by the Central Organization Department, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, and the Chinese Association for Science and Technology, aiming to facilitate the emergence of young talent as academic and technological leaders at the forefront of the development of science and technology, and to commend and reward young scientists who have made outstanding achievements in national economic development, social progress and scientific and technological innovation. Over the past 30 years, nearly 1,500 young scientists have been awarded this prize.

Professor Wang Zhipeng

Wang Zhipeng is a professor and doctoral supervisor in the School of Electronic Information Engineering. Having been engaged in the research of aviation navigation integrity technology for a long time, he has done fundamental and innovative work in the prediction, monitoring and verification of the integrity of all phases of flight, and has achieved important engineering application results. He has made critical contributions to promoting BeiDou aviation applications and advancing its membership in ICAO. He is the only Member of the Chinese government in the ICAO Navigation Systems Expert Group and the Vice Chairman of the Command and Control Network Professional Committee of the Chinese Institute of Command and Control. He was awarded the Special Award of China Youth Science and Technology Award, and as a major contributor, he was awarded the First Prize of National Science and Technology Progress (ranked 3rd), the Top Ten Science and Technology Advances of Chinese Higher Education Institutions (ranked 4th), and the First Prize of Technical Invention of Chinese Institute of Electronics (ranked 2nd).

Professor Xiao Zhenyu

Xiao Zhenyu, professor and doctoral supervisor of the School of Electronic Information Engineering, Elsevier Highly Cited Chinese Researcher, has long been engaged in the research of new data chain, unmanned trunk network and air-space communication network, and the related achievements have been applied to the dedicated system and mission assurance. He won the China Youth Science and Technology Award, the Second Prize of National Award for Technological Invention (ranked 3rd), the China Publishing Government Award (ranked 3rd), the First Prize of Natural Science of Chinese Institute of Electronics (ranked 1st), etc.

Professor Zhang Jicong

Zhang Jicong, professor and doctoral supervisor of the School of Biological Science and Medical Engineering, has been engaged in the research and development of biomedical information and instrumentation and the commercialization of results, and has overcome a number of key technological difficulties in the direction of brain functional disease diagnosis and treatment, neurorehabilitation, and intelligent medical instrumentation research and development. He proposed a new, integrated approach to precision rehabilitation, and promoted the localization of highly reliable intelligent time-delay embryo incubator research and development and the construction of intelligent accessory system, and has more than 30 patents granted. The key technical indicators have reached the international advanced level, bringing significant social and economic benefits. He has been awarded the China Youth Science and Technology Award and the China Industry-University-Research Cooperation Innovation Achievement Award (ranked 1st); as the person in charge, he has undertaken National Key R&D Projects and key projects of Beijing Natural Science Foundation; he has participated in the formulation of international and domestic standards in the field of health informatics, and many national standards (GB) formulated by him have been released and implemented. He has guided students to win the first prize of the National Student Biomedical Engineering Innovation Design Competition, etc. He is also the deputy director of the National Engineering Lab of the Internet Medical Diagnosis and Treatment Technology and the editorial board member of the international journal MEDNTD.

Professor Hu Dianyin

Hu Dianyin is a professor and doctoral supervisor of Research Institute of Aero-Engine. She has long been engaged in the research of structural strength and life and reliability analysis of aero-engine, and has solved the problem of structural integrity and reliability improvement of many types of aero-engines and gas turbines in China. She has presided over more than 30 scientific research projects such as Special Funds of Basic Research, National Natural Science Foundation of China and civil aircraft research, and published more than 80 academic papers, 2 monographs and 61 authorized invention patents. She has won the Second Prize of Science and Technology Progress at the provincial and ministerial level, the Special Prize of Outstanding Contribution to the Education Fund of “Powerful Aviation of China”, and the China Youth Science and Technology Award.

Source: Human Resource Department

Reviewer: Li Jianwei

Editor: Jia Aiping

Translator: Song Ziyun

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