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China NCPA Chorus Concert Staged in Beihang University
Release time:April 4, 2023 / Wen Li

On the evening of March 30, the “Glories and Dreams” China NCPA Chorus Concert, as a special performance for the third Beihang Arts Festival, was staged at Beihang Sunrise Concert Hall, with the purpose of enriching the university’s aesthetic education, creating a deep cultural atmosphere and improving cultural and artistic accomplishment of teachers and students.

General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out that the new journey is an expedition full of glories and dreams. This concert, as its name suggests, aimed to cultivate and promote the spirit of China in a new era, and to gather the spiritual power to advance in the new era. It opened with Sing a Folk Song for the Party (in Chinese: Chang Zhi Shan Ge Gei Dang Ting) and then presented adapted versions of classic lyrics including Empty World ((in Chinese: Zhe Shi Jie Na Me Duo Ren), Legend ((in Chinese: Chuan Qi), as well as the latest works choreographed and composed by the NCPA Chorus, such as Songs of the New Era ((in Chinese: Xin Shi Dai Ge Yao), Pilot ((in Chinese: Ling Hang) and China in the Light ((in Chinese: Deng Huo Li De Zhong Guo). The encores My People, My Country ((in Chinese: Wo He Wo De Zu Guo) and Ode to the Motherland ((in Chinese: Ge Chang Zu Guo) pushed the atmosphere to a climax. The audience followed the rhythm to clap their hands, expressing their eternal love for the Party and the motherland.

Aesthetic education plays an essential role in higher education, and music is a desired tool to achieve this effect. Immersed in these beautiful songs, teachers and students have enjoyed the extraordinary charm of music, and absorbed strengths and uplifting spirit.

Beihang University plans to introduce a series of artistic activities on both campuses in order to foster a high-quality university culture and promote the spirit of Beihang with the core of serving the country in the fields of aeronautics and astronautics. It will continue to build platforms for refined arts and popular arts. High-end lectures, indoor art exhibitions, high-level art performances, as well as square activities, campus cinemas, May Fourth song festivals and lawn music festivals, will be held on the two campuses. With the help of these colorful activities, students are able to cultivate patriotic feelings and inherit the culture of aerospace, and the soft power and influence of the university will be improved.

Established on December 8, 2009, China NCPA Chorus is the resident chorus of National Centre for the Performing Arts. As the professional artistic performing group that belongs to the highest palace of performing arts, the chorus adheres to the NCPA's guiding principle of "for the people, for the arts, and for the world" and is recognized as a vigorous professional chorus with infinite potential. Since its establishment, the chorus has participated in more than 50 Chinese and foreign operas by NCPA and has also planned and performed in many large-scale vocal works and theme concerts. It also visited many countries and regions in Asia and Europe, and its performances have been critically acclaimed by audiences.

Reported by Chen Wenjia

Photographed by Huang Tianjia

Reviewed by Li Jianwei

Edited by Jia Aiping

Translated by Wen Li

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