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Zhou Xili’s Special Concert Staged at Beihang Sunrise Concert Hall
Release time:April 24, 2023 / Lu Meili

On the evening of April 18, a special concert by Ms Zhou Xili of Beihang Aesthetic Education Centre was held at Beihang Sunrise Concert Hall, attracting more than 800 students and teachers. Relevant leaders from the Publicity Department of the Party Committee, Human Resources Department, Student Centre, Labor Union, the School of New Media Art and Design, and the Aesthetic Education Centre attended the concert.

Zhou Xili, an associate professor of Beihang Aesthetic Education Centre and member of Beijing Musician’s Association, graduated from the Department of Vocal Opera of China Conservatory of Music. She won the third place in the 41st Bellini International Vocal Competition in Italy in 2012 and was awarded the honorary title of “New Top Ten Soprano Singers” by CCTV in 2014.

The concert opened with Exultant Waiting (in Chinese: Xin Xi De Deng Dai) from the opera Regret for the Past (in Chinese: Shang Shi), followed by various pieces in succession, including the local Chinese folk song Drive the Animals (in Chinese: Gan Sheng Ling), Jiaolian loves me and I love her (in Chinese: Jiao Lian Ai Wo Wo Ai Ta), and foreign vocal works such as Haï Luli and Vilja Lied. Ms Zhou Xili's heartfelt singing won the applause of the entire audience.

The concert also featured two classical works, A Tribute to Love (in Chinese: Ai De Zhi Yi) and Spring in Xinjiang (in Chinese: Xin Jiang Zhi Chun) by Yao Liang, principal of the first violin section of the China National Symphony Orchestra. Also, baritone singer Chen Tingxun, professor of the Department of Musical Theatre at the Cheonggang University of Culture and Industry, and ambassador of the Sino-Korean Cultural Arts Exchange Association, presented the aria Largo al factotum della città from the classic Italian opera Il barbiere di Siviglia. The concert ended with Zhou Xili and Chen Tingxun’s duet Love is the Only Thing Desired (in Chinese: Ai Shi Wei Yi Suo Qiu) and Let’s Walk Together (in Chinese: Rang Wo Men Xie Shou Tong Xing).

The audience was immersed in the art of vocal music. This concert, marking the first teacher’s special concert at the Centre, was an artistic feast brought to Beihang students and teachers. After the concert, students were eager to take photos with the teachers, exchange their thoughts, and express their respect.

This concert is an in-depth manifestation of Beihang’s efforts to build an aesthetic education system that integrates science and art and combines aesthetic education courses with practice. It is also the opening of a series of special cultural performances this year. More fascinating art lectures and concerts will follow, inviting students and teachers to experience the beauty of art.

Reported by Gao Rui

Reviewed by Wang Qun

Edited by Jia Aiping

Translated by Lu Meili

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