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British Sci-tech and Culture Summer Camp Closes
Release time:September 14, 2023 / Yao Zipeng

The 2023 British Sci-tech and Culture Summer Camp of Shen Yuan Honors College was held from August 11 to 25. Adhering to the concept of “embracing and communicating with the world with an open mind, exploring the future in the unity of knowledge and action”, a total of 33 teachers and students from the college visited the University of Cambridge, Imperial College London and the University of Edinburgh in the UK, and conducted a 15-day sci-tech and culture course learning activity.

During the summer camp, students completed cutting-edge international academic courses and attended lectures on biomedicine, nanomagnetics, reinforcement learning, cryptography, computer vision, data training AI, databases, microwave energy, ecology, atomic mechanics, hydrodynamics, and multiphase fluids at these three prestigious universities in the UK. Li, a member of the summer camp, said: "In the course of learning science and technology lectures, I got to know other professional content that is not covered by my professional courses, and advanced my thinking mode from mere theoretical thinking to combining theory and practice. Not only have they enriched my understanding of scientific research, entrepreneurship and management, but they have also improved my interdisciplinary knowledge and abilities."

Teachers and students visited Cavendish Laboratory at the University of Cambridge, the quadrotor small UAV research and development laboratory and undergraduate experimental teaching center at the Imperial University of London, the robotics, 3D printing, nano-printing laboratory in the University of Edinburgh and other laboratories. Yu, a member of the summer camp, wrote in his summary: "Seeing the theory being put into practice, I have developed further understanding of the knowledge learned in Beihang. After visiting these laboratories, my enthusiasm for future research projects increased, and I deeply realized that the knowledge in the textbook is no longer just emotionless words."

In the British campus, the members learned English language and culture-related courses, systematically learning the knowledge of UK society, humanities, history, literature and geography. They also make the most of this visit to get out of the classroom and experience British customs. During the visit and study, students had a more vivid and in-depth understanding of the social life in the UK and a deeper understanding of the diversity of human culture and the complexity of the world.

During the trip, teachers and students also had in-depth exchanges with professors from British universities, and got to know many international students from the UK and other countries and regions of the world. They discussed their research experience, academic life and employment situation. He, a member of the summer camp, said that during the communication, he had further understanding of the basic situation and study life of Cambridge University, Imperial College London and the University of Edinburgh, and gained new insights and experience on how to find the research direction that suits and interests him.

Centering on the "UPS UPS Global Engagement Plan" of Beihang University, and adhering to the needs of the school's internationalization development and the requirements of the college's talent training mode, Shen Yuan Honors College strives to build high-level international summer exchange and visit programs for students. These activities provide students with platforms and opportunities to participate in international exchanges, and help Beihang build a high-quality top-ranking innovative talent education system.

Reported by Han Miao

Reviewed by Liu Kesheng

Edited by Jia Aiping

Translated by Yao Zipeng

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