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ESTACA Delegation Visits Beihang University
Release time:October 16, 2023 / Lu Meili

On the afternoon of October 10th, Jean-Michel Durepaire, President of Ecole Supérieure des Techniques Aéronautiques et de Construction Automobile (ESTACA) led a delegation to visit Beihang University. Beihang President Wang Yunpeng met with the guests in the VIP room of the Main Building. Vice Presidents Huang Haijun and Zhao Weisheng, along with heads of relevant departments accompanied the meeting.

Wang Yunpeng welcomed the delegation from ESTACA. He stated that Beihang University and ESTACA have had a long cooperation history of nearly 23 years. Both sides have achieved fruitful results in various fields such as student exchange programs and summer schools. With unique advantages in the field of transportation, ESTACA is an excellent engineering school in France, enjoying high visibility and influence in the education and corporate sectors. Considering the strong foundation of collaboration between the two universities, as well as their matching outstanding disciplines, and shared development vision and philosophy, there is broad space and prospects for future cooperation. President Wang Yunpeng hoped that both sides can further enhance inter-school exchanges and visits, fully leverage their respective strengths, expand in-depth cooperation in scientific research and talent cultivation, explore new models of international cooperation, and promote mutual development.

Durepaire expressed gratitude for the warm reception from Beihang University. He stated that Beihang University is one of ESTACA's most important partner institutions and that the two have a solid foundation of cooperation. As a typical French engineering school, ESTACA is comparatively small in scale yet rather sophisticated in terms of education quality and research level. He hoped that both sides can fully tap into the potential for cooperation. Focusing on the advantageous disciplines of aerospace, transportation, and other shared research areas of intelligent transportation, carbon neutrality, and new energy, the two universities can make the best of their cooperative advantages with the industry and comprehensively deepen all-round cooperation in talent cultivation and scientific research.

During the visit, both sides conducted in-depth discussions on how to expand cooperation between the two universities. Huang Haijun and Zhao Weisheng briefed the guests on the current development status, international cooperation, and prospects of Beihang University. Subsequently, they had thorough discussions on topics such as joint degree programs and collaborative research between professors, reaching numerous agreements.

ESTACA, established in 1925, is a member of the prestigious ISAE group of Grandes Écoles in France. In 1986, it was authorized by Commission des Titres d'Ingénieur (CTI) to issue engineering diplomas. ESTACA provides high-level engineering education in the five major transportation fields of aviation, aerospace, maritime, automotive, and railways. It has cultivated many elite talents in the transportation field. ESTACA has three campuses located in Paris, Laval, and Bordeaux. The university currently has 2,160 enrolled students, with over 340 graduating each year. 70% of its teachers are active engineers in the industry. It enjoys a high reputation among French engineering schools.

Written by: Fan Hang

Photos by: Di Bailu

Reviewed by: Weng Jingnong

Edited by: Jia Aiping

Translated by: Lu Meili

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