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“Poems and Songs Travelling Through a Millennium” Concert Staged at Beihang
Release time:October 16, 2023 / Zhang Anqi

On the evening of October 12, the “Poems and Songs Travelling Through a Millennium” Chinese ancient poetry concert by China National Opera House was presented at Beihang Sunrise Concert Hall. The concert, which took the team two years to elaborate, mesmerized the audience through the magnificent interweaving of poems and songs and boosted the building of campus culture through the active demonstration of traditional Chinese culture.

Poems and songs have been deeply intertwined since ancient times. They were effective means for people to record their daily lives and express their inner feelings. Hidden in these melodious lines were ancient people’s purest sentiments, which travelled through a millennium to reach our audience.

Famous masterpieces such as On the Height by Du Fu, Passing by the Northern Mountains by Wang Wan, and The Moon over the River on a Spring Night by Zhang Ruoxu, were staged respectively, unleashing the beauty hidden in the rhythm. From the melody, the compassion for people’s suffering, the lament for life’s bitterness, the concern for the nation, and the quest for philosophy could be easily sensed.

Accompanied by applause, the concert reached several climaxes. In the beauty of music, Beihang teachers and students explored the rich content of the ancient Chinese civilization and enjoyed spiritual nourishment.

The China National Opera House was established in 1952 under the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. As the most influential art group in the Asia-Pacific region, it has created a large number of excellent plays and attained numerous awards in 70 years of development. With international and open features, it has actively disseminated excellent Chinese culture on the international stage on multiple occasions.

Written by: Du Jingwen

Photos by: Li Peiyang

Reviewed by: Li Jianwei

Edited by: Chen Wenjia

Translated by: Zhang Anqi

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