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5th International Workshop on Spintronic Memory and Logic Held at Beihang
Release time:October 27, 2023 /

Jointly organized by the School of Integrated Circuit Science and Engineering, Fert Beijing Institute in Beihang University, National Key Laboratory of Spintronics, and Beihang University Press, the 5th International Workshop on Spintronic Memory and Logic (SML) was held at Beihang University from October18 to October 21, 2023. Over 30 well-known scientists and outstanding young scholars from France, Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Japan, Singapore, Italy and other foreign countries were invited to share the latest research results and trends in the field of spintronic memory and logic with multiple domestic experts. A total of more than 400 people from universities and research institutes at home and abroad participated in the workshop. Zhao Weisheng, Vice President of Beihang University and Director of Fert Beijing Institute, Albert Fert, Nobel Prize winner in physics, and Yoshichika Otani from the University of Tokyo co-chaired the workshop.

Presided over by Zhao Weisheng, the opening ceremony first reviewed the development of Spintronics Interdisciplinary Center of Beihang University since its establishment ten years ago with a warm-up video. Beihang has recruited countless domestic and overseas talents and cultivated a large number of outstanding students with international vision and overseas exchange experience after years of development.

On behalf of Beihang University, Huang Haijun, Vice President of Beihang University, extended a warm welcome to the experts and highlighted Beihang's important contributions in the field of spintronics. He noted that Beihang has gained a growing influence in the field of spintronics due to extensive international exchanges and cooperation. Many important research results have been published in well-known journals such as Nature ElectronicsPhysical Review Letters and PNAS, and more international exchanges and cooperation are expected to bring more breakthroughs.

Professor Bert Koopmans from Eindhoven University of Technology was invited to deliver a speech, in which he reviewed the good memories and achievements attained in cooperating with Beihang in the past few years and expressed his recognition to Beihang students. Dr. Cai Wenlong also made a speech as an outstanding student representative. He emphasized the importance of international exchange and cooperation based on his Sino-French double training experience in Sweden, and thanked Beihang University for providing such a sufficient platform for international exchange.

Over 30 international experts presented their latest research results during this three-day workshop, which covered hot topics in spintronics, including both fundamental theoretical research and industrial applications. Professor Gerrit E.W. Bauer from Northeastern University and  University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Professor Lin Chen from Technical University of Munich, Professor Abdelmadjid Anane from Paris-Saclay University, Professor Nicolas Vernier from Paris-Saclay University, and Professor Jason Robinson from the University of Cambridge shared the latest advances in the microscopic characterization and physical properties of magnetic metals and semiconductors. Professor Giovanni Finocchio from the University of Messina, Professor Ahmad Awad from the University of Gothenburg, and Professor Hyunsoo Yang from National University of Singapore introduced the novel phenomenon of spintronic devices and their broad application prospects in areas such as brain-like computing. Researchers Kevin Garello (SPINTEC, France) and Jérémy Létang (Silicon Laboratories, Austria) introduced the development and research methods of spin memory chips and sensors from the perspective of advanced technology research and development.

Many international experts also shared the latest research directions in spintronics. Professor Albert Fert (Nobel Laureates in physics) from Paris-Saclay University, Professor Mathias Klaui from the University of Mainz, Professor Yoshichika Otani fron the University of Tokyo, and Professor Pietro Gambardella from ETH Zurich presented the measurement and observation of the new Orbital Hall Effect, its development and its potential applications in memory devices. Professor Jingsheng Chen from National University of Singapore, Professor Chih-Huang Lai from National Tsing Hua University, Professor Jörg Wunderlich from the University of Regensburg, and Professor Shunsuke Fukami from Tohoku University shared the performance advantages and broad prospects of anti-ferromagnetic memory and logic devices. Professor Stéphane Mangin from the University of Lorraine, Professor Henri Jaffres from Paris-Saclay University, Professor Grégory Malinowski from the University of Lorraine, Professor Tobias Kampfrath from the University of Berlin, and Professor Bert Koopmans from Eindhoven University of Technology focused on the physical mechanisms and applications of spintronic devices in optical regulation.

Forums for industry and young scientists were also staged along with the workshop. The industry forum invited more than ten domestic entrepreneurs in key fields to deliver keynote reports, discussing the bottleneck problems in technology research and development, manufacturing application, and product marketing. The forum for young scientists invited a number of outstanding young scholars from both home and abroad to share their latest research results with special focus on new spintronic memory and logic devices.

Participants conducted extensive and in-depth exchanges during the workshop. This workshop not only built an international platform for academic exchanges, but also expanded the participants’ global research vision and interdisciplinary research ability.

The workshop also features a poster presentation to showcase the latest research results from teachers and students at home and abroad. 100 outstanding posters were selected from a large number of high-quality submissions, providing attendees with a comprehensive look at cutting-edge research results and innovative ideas. Faculty and students actively engaged in this session and carried out in-depth academic discussion with experts from all over the world, further promoting the exchange of academic thinking. 

As a high-level workshop in the field of spintronics, the 5th workshop carried on the high standards and high quality of the previous four sessions. It demonstrated the increasing influence of Beihang University in the field of spintronics as well as the aspirations for exchanges and cooperation to the world.

Written by: Du Ao, Li Sai, Zhu Daoqian

Photos by: Liu Ming, Zhao Meng

Reviewed by: Gao Jing

Edited by: Jia Aiping

Translated by: Zhang Anqi

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