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Beihang Art Gallery Launches Exhibition of Bird-and-Flower Paintings
Release time:November 14, 2023 / Han Xu

On November 8, an exhibition entitled “Vividness in the Era — Bird-and-Flower Painting Exhibition of China National Academy of Painting” kicked off at the Beihang Art Gallery. Jointly launched by Beihang University and Art Development Center of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, the exhibition showcased nearly 100 works by representative bird-and-flower painters from the senior, middle-aged, and younger generations, providing a vivid aesthetic experience for teachers and students.

Cheng Bo, Deputy Party Secretary of Beihang University, attended the opening ceremony and delivered a speech. He stated that Beihang incorporates artistic education into the entire process of talent cultivation to construct a distinctive art-technology integration-based education system, strengthening students’ consciousness of cultural identity and dedication to the aerospace industry. He hoped that the exhibition would promote the dissemination of excellent traditional Chinese culture and nurture a high-quality campus culture.

Qiao Yinan, Deputy Director of Art Development Center of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, expressed the aspiration to cooperate with Beihang and the painters to offer more top-quality aesthetic resources to students.

Yu Wenjiang, Vice President of China National Academy of Painting, extended warm congratulations on the opening of the exhibition and introduced three distinctive features of the works: representative, large-scale, and theme-oriented. Artist representative Chen Peng pointed out that the collection vividly exemplified the development and exploration of bird-and-flower paintings in contemporary China. He believed that the exhibition would play a significant role in the aesthetic education in Beihang.

During the exhibition, the “Beauty of Art and Science” Academic Forum and Aesthetic Education Lecture was held at the Sunrise Concert Hall. Members of Chinese art institutions and master artists delivered keynote lectures and more than 400 teachers and students attended.

The exhibition will last until November 17, during which Beihang will also carry out expert lectures on aesthetic education to further help teachers and students appreciate outstanding bird-and-flower paintings and profound traditional Chinese culture, and obtain an insight of the unique charm of art and technology.

Written by: Gao Rui

Photos by: Di Bailu, Zhang Yuhan

Reviewed by: Wang Qun

Edited by: Jia Aiping, Han Xu

Translated by: Han Xu

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