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Delegation Led by President Wang Yunpeng Visits Europe to Promote Exchanges and Cooperation
Release time:November 21, 2023 / Yao Zipeng

From November 5 to 11, a delegation led by Beihang President Wang Yunpeng visited France, Germany, Italy and other countries, carrying out in-depth research into universities, laboratories, enterprises, and conducting exchanges and discussions with relevant high-level talents. The visit aims to further deepen the UPS internationalization development strategy, promote high-quality international cooperation, and build a global work pattern for Beihang University. President Wang also met with Beihang's alumni in Europe and some overseas students. The leaders of the Academic Affairs Department, International Relations Department, Sino-French Engineer School, Zhongfa Aviation Institute of Beihang University, and other departments accompanied the visit.

The 30th Joint Management Committee Meeting of the Sino-French Engineer School of Beihang University

The delegation visited nine universities in countries such as France, Germany, and Italy. In Paris, France, Wang Yunpeng and his delegation met with Roman SOUBEYRAN, President of the CentraleSupélec and Chairman of Groupe des Ecoles Centrales, Pascal RAY, President of École Centrale Lyon, and Gilles FLEURY, General Representative of Groupe des Ecoles Centrales. The two sides jointly held the 30th Joint Management Committee Meeting of the Sino-French Engineer School of Beihang University, and made a number of progress in deepening cooperation in multiple fields. Wang Yunpeng also met with Gérard CREUZET, academician of the French Academy of Engineering and co-chairman of the China Europe Cooperation Committee of Beihang, and had in-depth communication on the selection of members, operating mechanism, and work plan of the Committee. Wang Yunpeng stressed that it is necessary to make full use of the platform advantages of the Committee, and leverage strategic consulting effectiveness and smooth communication channels to provide strong support for further consolidating and expanding education and technology cooperation between Beihang and European universities, research institutions, etc.

Group photo of Wang Yunpeng and Romain SOUBEYRAN, President of the CentraleSupélec and Chairman of Groupe des Ecoles Centrales

The delegation visits the CentraleSupélec

In Toulouse, France, Wang Yunpeng and his delegation visited the laboratories of aviation computer human-computer interaction, simulation platform and glide drone at Ecole Nationale de l'Aviation Civile (ENAC). They met with ENAC President Olivier CHANSOU and signed a university-level cooperation memorandum and student exchange agreement. They had deep exchanges on deepening cooperation in education, expanding communication channels between teachers and students and strengthening scientific research collaboration. The delegation also held a talk with six presidents from the Institut National des Sciences Appliquées (INSA) Group, including Bertrand RAQUET, Chairman of INSA and President of INSA Toulouse, Frédéric FOTIADU, President of INSA Lyon, Vincent Brunie, President of INSA Rennes, Mourad BOUKHALFA, President of INSA Rouen, Romuald BONÉ, President of INSA Strasbourg, and Armel De la BOURDONNAYE, President of INSA Hauts-de-France. The attendees discussed core issues related to education cooperation in Hangzhou, including the training plan, curriculum design, and teaching staff. Wang Yunpeng, on behalf of Beihang University, signed a memorandum of cooperation with INSA Group, a university-level cooperation memorandum and student exchange agreement with INSA Toulouse, and a student exchange agreement with INSA Lyon.

Wang Yunpeng signs the agreement with ENAC President Olivier CHANSOU

The delegation visits the laboratories of aviation computer human-computer interaction in ENAC

Wang Yunpeng signs the memorandum of cooperation with Bertrand RAQUET

Wang Yunpeng signs the cooperation agreement with Frédéric FOTIADU

Group photo of Wang Yunpeng and six presidents of INSA Group

In Munich, Germany, the delegation first visited Technische Universität München and exchanged ideas with Thomas F. HOFMANN, the president of the university, to gain a detailed understanding of the cooperation in talent cultivation, scientific research, and other aspects between the two universities. The two sides signed a memorandum. The delegation also paid a visit to Donald Bruce DINGWELL, academician of the European Academy of Sciences and the German National Academy of Science and Technology, and Dean of the School of Earth and Environmental Sciences at Technische Universität München, and Executive Dean Yan LAVALLÉE. They visited the high-temperature laboratory, EMPA laboratory, and rock and mineral laboratory, and reached multiple consensuses with Professor DINGWELL.

Wang Yunpeng signs the cooperation agreement with Thomas F. HOFMANN

The delegation visits the rock and mineral laboratory at Technische Universität München

In addition, Vice President Huang Haijun also led the delegation to visit universities such as the Politecnico di Milan and Accademia di belle arti di VENEZIA, focusing on student exchanges in the field of art and design, jointly organizing joint workshops, and conducting scientific research collaborations with teachers. Some members of the delegation also visited the ESTACA and the ISEP for in-depth discussions on expanding joint training and cooperative education.

In France, the delegation also conducted in-depth visits and research on relevant enterprises. They visited the COMAC Europe office in Paris, Huawei France, and the headquarters of Airbus in Toulouse. Wang Yunpeng attended the launching ceremony of the Airbus Joint Scholarship Program and gave a speech.

Wang Yunpeng has a cordial exchange with Jean MONROY, Vice President of International Human Resources Transformation of Airbus

During the visit, Wang Yunpeng and the delegation visited the Chinese Embassy in France to meet with Ambassador Lu Shaye. The two sides exchanged ideas on expanding Beihang's cooperation with France in science, education, and humanities, and deepening Sino-French cooperation in education. Lu Shaye pointed out that aerospace and energy are important areas of practical cooperation between China and France, and there is a good foundation and development potential for them. He will work with Beihang to promote Sino-French exchanges. Wang Yunpeng pointed out that Beihang started collaborating with French universities as early as 1985 and will continue to strengthen comprehensive cooperation in various fields such as talent cultivation, scientific research, elevating the friendship between China and France to a new level.

Wang Yunpeng has a communication with Ambassador Lu Shaye

Wang Yunpeng hosted a high-level talent exchange symposium in Paris and had in-depth exchanges with 12 Ethnic Chinese experts from the education and technology sectors in France. At the meeting, Wang Yunpeng carefully listened to the opinions and suggestions of each expert and introduced the basic situation and talent policies of Beihang University.

The high-level talent exchange symposium

After the meeting, Wang Yunpeng awarded the letter of appointment of talent introduction consultant to five experts.

Wang Yunpeng awards licenses to Beihang Overseas Talent Workstation

Group photo of experts attending the meeting

During the visit, Wang Yunpeng also had exchanges and discussions with alumni representatives from France and Germany. Wang Tairan, Vice President of the French Alumni Association of Beihang, reported on the basic situation of alumni in France. Wang Yunpeng pointed out that alumni are a valuable asset and resource of the university, and overseas alumni associations are one of the important carriers of Beihang's external cooperation and exchange.

Wang Yunpeng has exchanges and discussions with alumni representatives from academia and enterprises in France

Group photo of the delegation and alumni in Airbus

Group photo of the delegation and alumni in München

In addition, Wang Yunpeng also visited the dual degree students and exchange students of Beihang in France and Germany, expressing concern to them and gaining a detailed understanding of their study, life, and working conditions abroad. He encouraged students to have lofty aspirations, embrace the world, cherish their study time, strengthen their ideals and beliefs, and strive to grow into leading talents with global competence.

Cordial dialogue between Wang Yunpeng and Beihang dual degree students at CentraleSupélec

Group photo of the delegation and Beihang exchange students at Technische Universität München

During this visit, the delegation participated in a total of six bilateral exchange activities, met with presidents of ten universities, and signed seven cooperation agreements. This is an important step for Beihang to implement and promote the Beihang global strategy, lay out the international cooperation blueprint, and actively explore international partnerships. It is of great significance for the university to promote high-quality international cooperation and development, and comprehensively enhance its international education capabilities.

Written by: Fan Hang

Reviewed by: Weng Jingnong

Edited by: Jia Aiping

Translated by: Yao Zipeng

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