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Bilateral Seminar Between Beihang University and Technology Innovation Institute (UAE) Held
Release time:November 29, 2023 / Zhang Anqi

On November 23, Beihang Research Institute of Aero-Engine and International School of Aero-Engine (hereinafter referred to as “the institute and the school”) held the Bilateral Seminar between Beihang University and United Arab Emirate’s (UAE) Technology Innovation Institute (TII) at Vision Hotel in Shahe Campus. Organized by the China-Germany Joint Education Center of the institute and the school, the seminar focuses on cutting-edge topics concerning the future aviation propulsion system, and aims to expand international exchange and cooperation channels and contribute to the national “Belt and Road” sci-tech cooperation strategy.

Liu Huoxing, Vice President of the institute and the school, elaborated on the construction, development, international cooperation and other aspects of the institute and the school, and voiced his aspirations for more cooperation opportunities between the two sides on scientific research and talent cultivation.

Elias Tsoutsanis, Fellow of the Royal Aeronautical Society and Executive Director of the Propulsion and Space Research Center of TII, gave a comprehensive introduction to the basic situation, development plans and cooperation intentions of TII, and expressed his gratitude to the host for its hospitality.

Experts and scholars from both sides conducted in-depth exchanges on the control, performance, pneumatics, acoustics, combustion, urban air traffic of the future propulsion system, and agreed to organize multi-dimensional exchanges in scientific research and talent cultivation afterward. Guided by the internationalization strategy of Beihang University, this bilateral seminar greatly expands the international cooperation area of the Joint Education Center of the institute and the school and contributes to the realization of the “Belt and Road” sci-tech cooperation and innovation goal.

Written by: Wei Zhiyuan

Reviewed by: Yuan Xing

Edited by: Jia Aiping

Translated by: Zhang Anqi

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