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The 15th Beihang University Vision Forum for International Young Scholars Held
Release time:December 22, 2023 / Yao Zipeng

From December 16 to 19, Beihang University held the 15th Vision Forum for International Young Scholars. This year's forum attracted more than 110 young scholars from the University of Cambridge, Yale University, Imperial College London, and other top universities in the world to participate on site, and more than 900 young scholars to attend online.

The opening ceremony and the main forum were held on the morning of December 17 at the Vision International Cultural Exchange Center. Beihang President Wang Yunpeng, Vice Secretary of the Party Committee Yang Lijun, Academician Gong Shengkai, and heads of relevant departments, schools and research institutes participated in the event. The opening ceremony and main forum were presided over by Zhang Yi, Minister of Human Resources Department and Director of the Talent Work Office of the Party Committee.

In his speech, Wang Yunpeng extended a warm welcome to the young scholars from home and abroad who participated in the forum. He stated that the report of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China integrated education, science and technology, and talent, highlighted that "talent is the first resource", implemented the strategy of building a strong country with talent, and put forward the important policy of building a world important talent center and innovation hub. Beihang University always regards talent as the foundation of its establishment and the source of its strength. Beihang has held the Vision Forum for seven consecutive years, attracting a large number of outstanding young scholars to participate in the grand event and join Beihang.

Wang Yunpeng pointed out that Beihang will continue to make good use of the Vision Forum's talent introduction brand, providing young scholars around the world with an information platform to understand, recognize, and join Beihang, an innovative platform for in-depth discussions and academic exchanges, as well as a platform for gathering global intellectual resources and promoting the construction of Beihang's "Double First-Class". Beihang will always adhere to the innovative genes of serving the country and daring to be the first, the spirit of magnanimity and inclusiveness, and the team culture of cross teaming and collaborative research. Beihang sincerely invites young scholars to join Beihang and work together to realize dreams!

Yang Lijun delivered a report titled "Advancing Journey, Gathering Talents, Serving the Country and Towards the Future". He systematically introduced the development achievements of Beihang in various fields such as discipline construction, talent cultivation, scientific research innovation, talent introduction, and international exchanges, and expounded the new platforms, policies, guarantees, and measures for talent gathering and education. He pointed out that Beihang will deepen the implementation of the Talent Strong University strategy, continue to make good use of the overseas talent introduction brand of Vision Forum, and focus on providing solid talent guarantee for building a world-class university with Chinese characteristics.

Academician Gong Shengkai announced the list of winners for the Best Report of the 14th Vision Forum, and encouraged the winners to devote themselves to scientific research, make greater contributions in their respective fields. He looked forward to meeting them at Beihang to contribute to the innovative development of the national aerospace industry.

At the main forum, Academician Gong Shengkai, Professor and National Leading Talent Song Fengqi from Nanjing University, Executive Vice President of International Research Institute for Multidisciplinary Science and National Leading Talent Tao Fei, and Dean of Zhongfa Aviation Institute of Beihang University Hong Guanxin, gave their reports respectively. Their sharing has brought abundant benefits to the young talents attending the forum.

During the exchange and interview session, Wu Jianghao, Executive Vice President and Director of the Comprehensive Management Department of the Graduate School, Tian Daxin, Vice President and Director of the Frontier Innovation Department of the Institute of Science and Technology, and Zhao Zihua, Deputy Director of the Discipline Development Office of the Planning and Finance Department, combined their personal work experience to introduce the university's policy measures in graduate enrollment and training, scientific research and innovation platform guarantee, and discipline construction and development layout. Pan Caofeng, a professor at the International Research Institute for Multidisciplinary Science and a national leading talent, shared his experience of returning to China from overseas and joining Beihang University, answering questions and providing guidance for young scholars attending the conference.

During the forum, Beihang organized various activities such as academic presentations, exchange and sharing, visits to the university history museum and laboratory, exploring cutting-edge international academic issues, broadening academic horizons, promoting exchange and cooperation, and strengthening the young scholars’ comprehensive understanding of the university's development.

This year's Vision Forum has established 34 sub-forums across various disciplines, which will be held by each school and research institute from December 17, 2023 to the end of December 2023, in a combination of online and offline channels.

Beihang University Vision Forum for International Young Scholars has been successfully held for fifteen sessions since 2016. More than 5,000 young scholars from multiple world-class universities have been invited to participate, and more than 260 young scholars have become members of the talent team of Beihang University. More than 80 have been selected for the national overseas high-level talent introduction plan by Beihang University. The forum has become an important window and platform for the university's overseas talent introduction.

Reviewed by: Li Jianwei

Edited by: Jia Aiping

Translated by: Yao Zipeng

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