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Beihang Holds the 34th “Fengru Cup” Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Achievement Exhibition
Release time:May 22, 2024 / Han Xu

From May 18 to 19, the 34th “Fengru Cup” Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Achievement Exhibition of Beihang University was held on the second-floor corridor of New Main Building at the Xueyuan Road Campus. President Wang Yunpeng and Vice President Deng Yi visited the exhibition.

Listening attentively to students’ introductions to their technological innovations, Wang Yunpeng highly commended the achievements and provided students with guidance and suggestions on the difficulties and challenges they encountered. He encouraged the students to utilize the academic strengths and laboratory research resources of Beihang to fully unleash their potential and contribute to the national and societal development aiming at the national strategic needs and the frontiers of academic progress.

For the first time, the exhibition invited teachers and students from key national middle schools to participate. Wang Yunpeng had a cordial exchange with students from different schools such as the Attached Middle School to Jiangxi Normal University, the High School Affiliated to Yunnan Normal University, and Liaoning Province Shiyan High School, encouraging them to build a strong academic foundation and aspire to serve the country in the future.

This exhibition also showcased high-level student technological innovation team achievements, and excellent works from the “Fengru Cup” special competition and the graduate track.

It is reported that this session of the “Fengru Cup” competition continued to deepen reforms. For the first time, a graduate track was established, receiving 151 entries covering 23 schools and majors. Artificial intelligence was first used to detect various types of academic misconduct including AIGC text generation, image reuse, image tampering, and similar viewpoints. After extensive contact and recommendations by schools, an expert jury database was established with a total of 400 people. The master’s and doctoral students were also first included as jurors, participating in the evaluation together with external experts.

The competition was launched on March 25, continuing the format of “One Cup, Five Tracks”. In total, 1,332 entries were submitted for the main track, 2,701 for the creative track, 78 for the Honglv track, 38 for the industrial track, and 33 for the international track. A total of 2,067 instructors participated, with 74% holding senior professional and technical titles. The main track teams conducted oral examinations during the exhibition, and after expert evaluation and research group recommendations, 58 entries were shortlisted for the first-prize defense. The main track first prize defense will be held on May 26 at Chenxing Concert Hall on the Xueyuan Road Campus.

Written by: Jia Huanting

Reviewed by: Liu Yang

Edited by: Jia Aiping

Translated by: Han Xu

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