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“Twelve Cuisines of Beihang” Selected at Beihang Food Culture Festival
Release time:June 12, 2024 / Han Xu

The 2024 Beihang Food Culture Festival officially kicked off on the afternoon of June 7. Concurrently, the 8th “Twelve Cuisines of Beihang” competition was held, featuring dozens of dishes from various canteens for students and faculty to taste and evaluate.

Chefs used common ingredients to create innovative presentations. The event also featured performances of sugar painting, dough figurine making, and sugar blowing. Additionally, chef teams from Tsinghua University, Northwestern Polytechnical University, Dalian University of Technology, Yangzhou University, and Jilin Agricultural University were invited to Beihang to bring authentic hometown dishes for students from different regions.

The selection event garnered extensive attention and participation from the students and faculty. During the five-day online voting period preceding the event, a total of 3,234 votes were cast, with 13,000 people participating. On-site scoring was conducted by a panel of public and expert judges.

Among the 42 dishes served for evaluation, the final “Twelve Cuisines of Beihang” have been selected and are now available across canteens at the Xueyuan Road and Shahe campuses.


The aim of the Food Culture Festival is to promote inter-university collaboration in dining services and enhance friendships among students and faculty. This kind of event celebrates and develops China’s excellent traditional culinary culture.

Photos by: Liu Yang

Edited and Translated by: Han Xu

(Source: Beijing News)

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