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Beihang Holds 2024 Graduation Gala
Release time:June 18, 2024 / Lu Meili

On the evening of June 16, the graduation gala for the 2024 graduates of Beihang University was held in the gymnasium of Xueyuan Road Campus. Beihang Secretary of the Party Committee Zhao Changlu, President Wang Yunpeng, Vice President Zhang Hailan, Vice President Deng Yi, and faculty representatives from relevant departments, schools and colleges, as well as more than 3,000 graduates came to watch the performance. Together they looked back at the shining memories over the years on campus and extended their most sincere wishes and earnest expectations to the 2024 graduating students, who are about to enter into the new chapter of their lives.

With the theme “We Are Shining”, the gala, featuring three chapters of “The Starry Origin” “The Warm Journey” “The Bright Future”, recounted the unforgettable memories of the graduates of the Class of 2024, their innovative spirit of “daring to be the first”, and their patriotic sentiment of serving the country with aerospace endeavors.

The AI technology powered video “Beihang - First Encounter” stunned the audience, kicking off this youthful event with the innovative fusion of scientific technology and art.

The first chapter “The Starry Origin” told about the students’ first meet with Beihang, as well as their firm ideals and beliefs and their relentless efforts to constantly surpass themselves even since then.

The second chapter “The Warm Journey” looked back on the arduous process of the Beihang ancestors in building the aerospace cause of the university and the nation, encouraging the Beihang people now to inherit their spirit and carry forward their aspiration to the sky.

The third chapter “The Bright Future” looked forward to the new journey of the graduates with Beihang as a new starting point. Beihang people will continue to pursue their dreams with their original aspiration hold in mind, and their future will be promising and prosperous.

At the end of the evening, all the participants and the audience chorused the song “The Most Beautiful Sun” to express the love and gratitude to the alma mater. The 2024 graduates will forge ahead with confidence and resilience and overcome challenges and hardships to meet the most beautiful sun in their journey forward.

The live broadcast of the gala reached 5.15 million viewers. The new graduates are expected to commit themselves into the country’s socialist cause with the university motto of “Integrating Virtue with Brilliance and Combining Knowledge with Practice” in mind, especially on the special occasion of the upcoming 17th Beihang Party Congress. Wish all the graduates a glorious future!

Written by: Zhao Yuan

Photos by: Di Bailu, Qin Yuhan, Zhang Zhibo, Li Peiyang

Reviewed by: Liu Yang

Edited by: Jia Aiping

Translated by: Lu Meili

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