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Beihang Holds Commencement Ceremony for 2024 Graduates
Release time:June 24, 2024 / Han Xu

On the morning of June 23, Beihang University held the commencement and degree conferring ceremony for 2024 graduates at the stadium of Xueyuan Road Campus. A total of 3,260 undergraduate students, 4,225 master's students, and 820 doctoral students celebrated the completion of their studies at that significant moment.

The ceremony was attended by Beihang Party Committee Secretary Zhao Changlu, President Wang Yunpeng, Chairman of the Academic Committee and Vice Chairman of the Degree Evaluation Committee Fang Jiancheng, Vice Presidents Liu Shuchun and Zhang Hailan, Deputy Party Committee Secretary and Discipline Inspection Commission Secretary Liu Hongcang, Deputy Party Committee Secretary Cheng Bo, Vice President Lyu Weifeng, Deputy Party Committee Secretary Yang Lijun, Vice Presidents Lyu Jinhu and Deng Yi, alumni representative Wu Jianqi, faculty representative Ma Yanhong from the Research Institute of Aero-Engine, Degree Evaluation Committee members, leaders of various schools and departments, graduating class advisors, and over a thousand parents. The ceremony was presided over by Lyu Weifeng.

The ceremony officially commenced with the solemn national anthem. Fang Jiancheng announced the decision to confer degrees upon the 2024 graduates. Liu Shuchun read out the list of “Outstanding Graduates of Beijing.” Zhang Hailan announced the recipients of the “Scholarship for a Career in the Vitalization of National Defense Industry.” Zhao Changlu and Wang Yunpeng presented certificates to the winners.




Undergraduate representative Kou Jing from the School of Cyber Science and Technology expressed his gratitude to the alma mater in his speech, noted that Beihang has instilled in them the spirit of perseverance, the pursuit of dreams, and a sense of responsibility towards the nation. He called on the students to contribute to the cause of national aerospace development.

Graduate representative Liu Yaru from the School of Aeronautic Science and Engineering expressed her deep affection for Beihang. She was grateful for the university's comfortable learning environment, advanced research platforms, and rich resources, confidently urging her peers to serve in the fields where the nation needs them most.

During the ceremony, the graduates presented flowers to their beloved mentors, teachers, advisors, class directors, security personnel, and dormitory administrators, paying deep respect to all those who guided and accompanied them during their time at the university.

Professor Ma Yanhong from the Research Institute of Aero-Engine conveyed her hopes and expectations to all graduates. She explained that great endeavors start with innovative dreams and succeed through hard work. She encouraged the students to achieve self-fulfillment through hard work and to contribute to the country's high-level scientific and technological self-reliance and social harmony.

Wu Jianqi, Director of the Science and Technology Committee of the 38th Institute of China Electronics Technology Group Corporation (CETC) and CETC Chief Scientist, reflected on his time at Beihang and expressed gratitude for the spirit of aerospace patriotism and the boldness cultivated by Beihang. He shared his experiences in the aerospace industry and encouraged the graduates to integrate their personal aspirations with the country's development.

In his enthusiastic speech, President Wang Yunpeng reminisced about the students' growth, acknowledging their transformative experiences at Beihang. He expressed high hopes for all graduates, urging them to carry forward the Beihang spirit of “serving the nation through aerospace endeavors,” uphold values of dedication and embrace the scientific spirit of truth-seeking and innovation.

At the culmination of the ceremony, Wang Yunpeng imparted three key messages to the 2024 graduates as they embark on their new journeys: First, to merge their personal aspirations with the larger goals of serving the nation and humanity. Second, to work steadfastly with a spirit of selflessness, overcoming obstacles and achieving success in their pursuits. Third, to maintain confidence and integrity, so as to create their own brilliant futures.

The ceremony reached its climax with the singing of the university anthem "Look up at the Starry Sky" by all attendees, where smiles and tears intertwined, embodying the resolute youth pledge of every Beihang student.

Following the commencement ceremony, the degree conferring ceremony for 2024 graduates was held. Accompanied by the familiar melody of the university anthem, university and school leaders turned the tassels for the graduates and extended their best wishes.

Written by: Wang Qing, Ren He, Li Shiyu, Li Siyao

Photos by: Di Bailu, Zhang Zhibo, Qin Yuhang, Li Peiyang

Reviewed by: Li Jianwei

Edited by: Jia Aiping

Translated by: Han Xu

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