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Beihang Aeromodelling Team Claims Victory at the UAS Challenge 2024
Release time:July 9, 2024 / Han Xu,Lyu Xingyun

Beihang Aeromodelling Team was crowned grand champions of this year’s UAS (Unmanned Aerial System) Challenge which was held in Lincolnshire, UK from July 1 to 4.

This is Beihang’s first time participating in the competition and the first time a Chinese university has entered since the event’s inception.

Sponsored by the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, the UAS Challenge was launched in 2014 and has become a globally influential university-level aeromodelling competition. The Challenge is split into design, development, and demonstration stages and culminates with the flight demonstrations and business case presentations which contribute to final scoring. Each annual competition cycle begins in October, ending with a final event in June or July the following year.

Teams of undergraduates from all over the world participate in the Challenge. They undertake a full design and build cycle of an unmanned aerial system with a maximum take-off mass of 10kg to undertake specific mission objectives. This year, the competition required the UAV to autonomously take off in a 10m×10m area, complete an area search and precise drop task, and then autonomously land in a designated 10m×20m area.

The Beihang team conducted over a hundred test flights and adjustments, ultimately overcoming technical challenges to achieve autonomous drone control without manual intervention. In the final competition, their exceptional flight performance and outstanding English presentation secured them the championship, showcasing Beihang’s strength in this area.

Founded in 1952, Beihang Aeromodelling Team has developed a comprehensive system for selection, training, competition preparation, and academic achievement transformation over the past seventy years. It has become a vital platform for cultivating innovative talents at the university. The team members have achieved excellent results in various national competitions such as the “Challenge Cup,” “Internet+,” and “Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition.”

Written by: Qiao Liang, Hou Yuxin

Reviewed by: Bao Rui

Edited by: Jia Aiping

Translated by: Han Xu, Lyu Xingyun

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